Direct Primary Care & Concierge Medical Program

Healthcare has certainly changed from what it used to be, and it’s affecting the way doctors work and patients experience services. To put it simply, the traditional touch of patient care is gone.

Physicians now struggle to manage immense patient loads, preferred appointment times are becoming scarce, and the actual time spent with the doctor is unfortunately rushed. What if there was a way for patients to navigate the healthcare system without being confused or frustrated?

What if there was a solution for doctors to become more accessible and meet the long-term healthcare needs of their patients?

Fortunately, there is a way and you’ve come to the right place. For over 20 years, I have specialized in providing healthcare services that will positively impact your long-term health with my Direct Primary Care  Concierge Medicine Program.

What is Concierge Medicine?

If you’re here, then that means you’re curious about what concierge medicine (a.k.a. retainer medicine) is and how it can benefit you.

In short, concierge medicine is a relationship between a primary care physician and a patient, in which the patient pays a retainer or annual fee for healthcare services.

Concierge medicine is very common throughout the world and has the following benefits.

  • Increased Access for Patients
  • Better Continuity of Care
  • More Attentive, Personalized Service

Dr. Dedinsky Explains Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine is a powerful alternative to people seeking personalized and attentive healthcare. If you needed medical attention, wouldn't you want your doctor to give you the utmost attention and care?

Why Choose My Direct Primary Care Retainer Model?

My goal is to provide the most affordable and comprehensive medical care in the Valley. There are several benefits to choosing my retainer model, which include:

  • Accessibility - My retainer model ensures that you will be seen by a doctor that truly knows you. This means you will receive individualized care at a time that’s convenient for you.
  • Thorough Appointments - It is a guarantee that you will receive a thorough appointment by a doctor that will answer your questions and keep you informed without rushing you out of the door.
  • Free Annual Physical - It’s highly recommended that everyone receives a yearly physical exam. When you choose me as your primary care doctor, you’ll be entitled to an annual exam that won’t be billed to your insurance.
Brian D. Dedinsky, M.D.

Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Dedinsky has operated his own family practice for more than 25 years. Studying medicine and pharmacy at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Dedinsky completed his residency in family medicine at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.


Before you commit to my retainer model or give us a call, I want to answer all of your preliminary questions.

Here are just a few questions we receive quite commonly, as well as the answers from Dr. Dedinsky himself.

  • We accept all primary insurance plans and Medicare.
  • We do not offer any insurance plans or services of any type. Your insurance will be needed to cover surgeries, hospitalizations, specialty care, ER visits, and any other healthcare services that aren’t performed in our office.
  • We provide phone follow-ups, access by text messaging and other appropriate care outside of traditional office hours if necessary.
See other frequently asked questions and video testimonials
Dr Dedinsky has been our primary care doctor for 15 years. He has always provided excellent and professional care. He spends the time to explain what he is doing and answer questions. We give him our highest rating!

Greg and Chris

Dr. Dedinsky is one of the most wonderful doctors I have ever come across. He literally saved my life. Took me from being morbidly obese to what I am today. If I had to describe Dr. Brian Dedinsky in one word, it would be phenomenal. Satisfaction guaranteed!


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