Brian D. Dedinsky, M.D.


This is no ordinary doctor's office. Instead of doing things the traditional way, I designed a program to provide you with the best medical care.

My membership program gives my patients exclusive features to personalized and attentive healthcare services. Take a look below to learn more about why my personalized health care services can fit your needs.

Affordable Healthcare

Nowadays, even the basic forms of healthcare elude many people and families. This is because healthcare can be too expensive, which can cause people to ignore their health conditions or stay unaware of growing issues in their body.

I strive to provide affordable healthcare to my patients, for a reasonable annual retainer fee.

My cost-effective care is designed to meet the needs of any patient, no matter how meager their financial situation is.

Regular Accessibility

It's important for you to communicate with your physician and reach out to them if you have an immediate issue or concern. This program allows my patients to contact me any time of the day.

Whether you're on vacation or at home, I'm just one phone call or click away.

Become a Member Today!

Do you want to join our membership and take priority of your health? If so, give us a call at (602) 256-6303 to learn more about how you can become a member today!

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